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Friday, 26 March 2010 15:03


Traque'Sol - Solar tracking system 1 or 2 axis





Traque'Sol is a solar tracking system 1 or 2 axis to increase the efficiency of a solar panel up to 60% compared to a fixed system.

The system may guide 2 100W solar panel. The orientation is performed by a clock integrated control system that calculation throughout the day the sun's position.

The electronic board is also provided with an auxiliary output 12V and a radio receiver for remote control and independent supply of a component as a 12V lighting system. This function can be proved very useful in an isolated site not connected to the network. This output is accompanied by a safety feature that shuts off the power when the battery level drops below a certain level (adjustable). Clock radio systems and passage detection are also available, which allows the automatic lighting or other.

The electronic box is provided with a 10A voltage regulator with battery charge status indication thereof via LED visible from the outside.

Avantages :

- Discreet and aesthetic

- Integrated voltage regulator

- Autonomous 12V output with remote control

- Tilt axis motorized or manual depending on version

- 60% increase in the efficiency of solar panels






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